Dr. Ofek Birnholtz

Gravitational Physics Group

Bar-Ilan University

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship


Dr. Dandekar, Yogesh πŸ“§

I am interested in studying the dynamics of black holes, especially after their merger, where there are many interesting phenomena, but a lack of analytical understanding. I am also interested in studying the three-body problem using a statistical approach.

PhD Students

Mr. Maimon, Jehu πŸ“§

My research is about Photon Rings of Black Holes, and Black Hole Imaging.

Mr. Tsuk, Eitan πŸ“§

I am exploring analytic and semi-analytic continuations (backward) of the ringdown phase of binary black-hole mergers. The goal is to develop beyond the linear order perturbation theory description of this stage up until early merger.

Master Students

Mr. Azard, Dolev πŸ“§

Trying to overcome the bottleneck in Gravitational Wave parameter estimation in order to start the parameter estimation process before the noise curve is fully stable. This allows us to get a preliminary estimate of the parameters without waiting for the noise curve to stabilize.

Mr. Ben Yehuda, Maor πŸ“§

My research explores Gravitational Wave (GW) observations to confirm the quantization of Black Hole event horizon area, aiming to resolve an ongoing debate in the literature. It analyzes GW data from binary Black Hole mergers, enhancing our understanding of their quantum properties.

Mr. Dan, Ofek πŸ“§

Studying possible phase transition in the extreme matter of neutron stars in binary systems, and investigating heavy element nucleosynthesis using gravitational wave data.

Ms. Hamoudy, Ikram πŸ“§

My research is about imposing sub-atomic bounds on the horizon's position, by performing long-duration observation in the post-merger data immediately following specific observation of gravitational waves.

Ms. Levy, Neta

Ms. Mama, Shoval

Three-body system in two- dimension

Ms. Parnes, Sapir πŸ“§

I'm working on detecting gravitational microlensing of gravitational waves using image processing based AI algorithm.

Mr. Rozental, Daniel πŸ“§

My research is focused on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology using Gravitational Waves. Specifically, I am studying the possibility of testing kappa-Poincare deformations of relativistic symmetries through the modification of Einstein field equations. This involves creating a Binary Black Hole waveform and comparing it to the established results of General Relativity.

Mr. Shtrobach, Eliad

Mr. Skorohod, Daniel πŸ“§

Working on a master's project on multi-messenger astronomy. My project is focused on the fast detection of electro-magnetically bright compact mergers, via simulations of such mergers, and of telescope motion.

Mr. Sumner, Itamar πŸ“§

Non-linear effects in the ringdown stage of a binary black hole merger.

Undergarduate Students

Mr. Calinsky, Jonathan πŸ“§

I am working on decomposition of ringdown GW from simulation data using different techniques. The techniques then will be compared to find the one that achieves better accuracy.

Mr. Sade, Matan πŸ“§

My research aims to better understand the threat that Gamma-Ray Bursts can pose on Earth-like planets while utilizing agreed-upon quantities related to the subject and avoiding extreme scenarios or assumptions. In addition to investigating the potential for complete extinctions, I am examining the possibility that GRBs could constrain or impede advanced evolution.